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Australia’s as World’s Top Surfing Destination

The fact that Australia has over 35,000 km of coastline is one of the most important aspects of this county being one of the most desired surfing destination all over the word. Being an island continent, located in the southern hemisphere, where the weather is always warm and sunny, the Australian coastline and its waves make it one of the best surfing area of the world.

Being ranked number four in the best surf spots of the world, the Superbanks of the Golden Coast of Australia, tell the story of the adventures you could have here. You will have the ride of your life on the waves of the Golden Coast, and by coming here you will surely make some unforgettable memories to hold on to forever.

Another awesome spot is the Bondi Beach from Sydney, known for its openness to families. You can come here and have a barbeque on the beach and then cool yourself off in the water.

Being a surf providing country for almost 100 years, Australia has become one of the most visited areas, whether for sports or just pleasure. In 1915 when Duke Kahanamoku gave the first surfing exhibition in front a delighted crowd at the Freshwater Beach in Sidney, the power of surfing caught on with the people, not only from this county, but those from overseas, creating thus a perfect location for locals to have fun, and also for tourists to come and enjoy themselves.

After seeing Duke Kahanamoku’s demonstration, surfing became a very popular activity with the locals and a whole surf culture sprang up around the beach around Sydney.  Ever since then, surfing has become a popular pastime in Australia and many of the best surfers in the world have come to call Australia home.

By being such a large country and by having such a long coastline, the best surfing destinations in Australia have come to be broken down in regions. And these regions are meant for specific potential, so if you are a beginner, you will definitely have to choose a beach with calmer waters than those meant for professional surfers.

Some of the best regions for surfing in Australia have also become touristic hot spots, because of all the attractions that surfing provides.

The best known location is Queenslad, also known as `Surfer’s Paradise`. This is where many of Australia’s best surfers live, and is home to the well-known `Golden Coast` of Australia.

New South Wales is also home to some of the greatest waves you can find in Australia and is where you can find Byron Bay, which is the mecca of the Australian surfers. It is located in the most easterly point of Australia.

At the opposite point, Western Australia is one of the least populated and remote surf regions in the country. Waves get big out here as large storm systems in the southern Indian Ocean generate consistent and powerful swells that are focused towards Point Leeuwan. The water is generally cold and, unfortunately, the surf is marred by foul weather and strong onshore winds.