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Top Surfing Destinations in Australia

With its coastline of over 35,000 km, Australia has some of the best surfing destinations in the world. It is blessed with beach, reef and point breaks to challenge the most experienced board-rider, and for the beginners, there are countless easy-rolling swells that beginners can paddle onto safely and with confidence. There are a lot of schools for surfers, so that the less experienced one can learn new tehniques and develop their surfing skills with the help of professionals.

In order to live the adventure at its highest peak, you can choose from several Australian locations.

Some of the best are the following:

1)  The North Coast – Angourie to Byron Bay, NSW. Discovered in the early 1970s, the point break at Angourie remained relatively untouched for the next two decades, but it is world famous nowadays as home break of Aussie surfing legend Nat Young. Angourie Beach was declared a National Surfing Reserve in 2007, the second site in Australia to be recognised for its significance to recreational surfing and, as such, is considered sacred by Australian surfers. When it comes to surfing, the swell needs only be one or two metres for the point to start breaking, at which stage it's rideable for surfers of most abilities, but anything bigger should only be tackled by confident board-riders.


2)  Noosa – Point Break, QLD is one of the best and most photogenic long-board breaks in the world, because the point at Noosa is capable of producing a genuine 200 metre ride on its best days. In a decent swell especially there’s always a big crew of locals riding it who really know how to “walk the plank”, but when it’s smaller it’s perfect for beginners – a long, easy-rolling cruise.

3)  Snapper Rocks in Queensland is a sand bottom point break considered as a world renowned surfing spot on the Gold Coast. Snapper, is home to the world-famous ‘Super Bank’, regarded as the longest, most consistent and most hollow wave in the world, which can reach six to eight feet. Snapper Rocks hosts elite international surfing events such as the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro, Rip Curl Masters, and MP Classic.

4)  Both historically and spiritually, Bells Beach is the home of Australian surfing and today is still the site of the country’s oldest and most prestigious professional surfing event. Although Bells is known internationally as one of the best breaks in Victoria, "Winki Pop" often works better under more diverse conditions than the other nearby breaks.

5)  Crescent Head has one of the best right-hand point breaks in the world, and the town is one of the hot spots of international surfing. Each year in May, the Malibu Classic, the biggest amateur Malibu competition in the country, attracts surfers from around Australia and the world. Along this coastline are four perfect right-hand point-breaks, tailor-made for long-board riders, grommets and beginners and capable of generating miracle rides of 200 metres.